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I had terrible plantar warts on the sole of my right foot. It started with just one wart and spread to around 6. I used Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away and it didnt work. I made an appointment with a dermatologist and he tried freezing them away too. It didnt work. I used a prescription medicine and scraped and cut into the warts applying the medicine to the raw areas. Still didnt work. Instead the warts kept spreading and I finally had around 15. Then my cousin sent me a Boiron container of Antimonium Crudum that she had used for her dog's warts. I was skeptical, obviously, because she had used it for her dog, but I figured nothing else was working so why not give it a shot. I started taking the pellets and they began working. The warts started to slowly dissapear. To speed up the process I bought the Boiron cream (Thuja ointment) and it worked too. My warts are completely gone. I now use Boiron for cramps and bladder infections and anything else. Homeopathy really works!


That's awesome! The only thing that worked for me was epsom salt soaks, duct tape 24/7 and salicylic acid pads. I had to be persitant, but got rid of mine in few weeks. That's after 2 years of being completely unsuccessful! 

I created a blog that documents my success and has before and after photos in case anyone needs some inspiration! 

thanks for sharing! That's really encouraging about homeopathy! I may try it for some other issues I have going on!