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I am 15 years old, and i am having random breast pain in my left breast! I do not know what may have caused this, but im really looking for some answers! The pain is going all around my left breast, through to my back, where my whole back is tensing up! The pain does, sometimes, become so unbarrable, it hurts to breath! Please help me! Does anyone have answers?



The fact that it is so painful upon breathing may mean that it is not pain of the breast tissue itself but rather of the chest, partcularly the chest wall. Considering your age, it could also be Tietze's syndrome which is pain towards the breastbone (sternum) due to the joint between the rib and breastbone. It is a 'common' problem in young girls around your age. May also be muscle pain rather than breast pain.

If it is actual breast pain then it could be hormonal - related to ovulation or menstruation. However you don't mention any swelling or tenderness and this won't explain the severe pain while breathing. I would advise that you first exclude muscle or bone/joint related problems of the chest. Don't just leave it though. You should see a doctor.[/url]