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Hello. I'm 18 year old female and I have some delicate problems I would like to discuss with people who maybe know more about this.
You see, I have had big breasts from the moment I entered my puberty and this represented a big problem for me in those years of my life. I have even developed some curve of the spine because of it. Now, I'm old enough to decide what’s good for me and what isn’t.
So, I was thinking about possible breast reduction surgery.
I talked about this with parents a lot and they told me that they approve it. Just lately I have heard also that some patients developed some form of hypersensitivity after the surgery and I would like to hear more about this.


Hello. I totally support you in your decision because I can only imagine how big impact can big breasts leave on young girl self confidence.
I know some facts about this surgery because my sister had that operation few years back. I can say you only that you are right about that. Hypersensitivity really occurs and I’ll tell you why. There are nerves that must be cut in the process of removing the redundant tissue. As these nerves try to regenerate, hypersensitivity occurs.
Some patients experience hypersensitivity for several months following surgery and some for a short period of time. But I can tell you that it’s a small price for such a relief. Most breast reduction patients have such relief from the weight that they are among the happiest after surgery patients.


Dear 18 yr. old

I am a massage ther. and many of my clients have large breasts.
Some even talk about reduction. Surgery is just that and no one knows the out come. It should be your very last opption though. My suggestion
is find a good female therapist that does neuromuscular (trigger point)
work and have her palpatate your pectoralis major muscle and minor.
These are upper chest muscles also a muscle called the sternalis only
about 5% of people have it , in women it can cause much discomfort.
What is does is shorten your muscles and pull your shoulder bones forward out of place. This puts extra strain on the back muscles too.
You may write me if you like and ask me any question. If I am able to
answer I will or refer you to an expert. But, please check all your opp-tions first before surgery.

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Dear Shendel,

I note that some time has passed since your orignal question. Well, if it helps, I had breast reduction surgery 10 weeks ago. However, I have to be honest and say that although the right breast has healed, I have no feeling in the nipple. Now, that sounds like a bit of a problem, but it is nothing compared to my left breast. The blood supply failed to get through and the skin and tissue began to die. Since leaving hospital I have had to have daily dressing changes - I am now down to 4 a week, which includes a weekend visit by the District Nurse.

I only tell you this because you need to be aware that things can go wrong. However, frustrated as I am with having to take time off from work and out of my weekends for dressing changes, I have absolutely no regrets about the surgery. I still have a dressing on my left breast, but I feel so much better, so much more confident, so much lighter. I love the fact that when I lie down in bed at night my boobs stay where they are instead of nestling under each armpit.

I guess what I am trying to say to you is that you need to be very aware of what can go wrong and then ask yourself whether that would still be better than what you live and cope with now.

I am a person who is still coping with a downside (my left breast has two large holes that need to be filled, covered and dressed). My most recent swab was taken two days ago and I am dreading going back onto antibiotics because they make me so unwell.

When you take all this into account, you must ask why I still have no regrets about the surgery. Well, it's because I feel so much better now in myself - no more back, shoulder or neck pain. But, most importantly, I can wear really nice tops, which don't draw attention to me and, as we are suffering with extreme heat temperatures in the UK at the moment, it has made my life more bearable.

I really hope this helps you with your decision.

Debbie. x


Hello, 3 weeks ago I had breast reduction surgey. From the moment I woke up from the anaesthetic I have loved the resulsts. For years I have visited chiropractors, massage therapists and physio therapists who were not able to relieve my back/neck/shoulder pain. This has made an immediate improvement. I am also very active and can tell this will improve my ability to run longer distances and play some sports. However as with any surgery it is very important to understand all of the side effect, possible complications and to find the right surgeon that you are comfortable with. Your surgeon should welcome questions along with explain every aspect of the surgery. Good luck!