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I am considering breast reduction surgery and was wondering if anyone has any experiences they'd like to share. I was wondering about scarring and breast feeding, also whether it's a difficult surgery to recover from? I have been hampered by my large breasts since I was about 13. Also I was wondering what they do with the nipples? If your nipples were enlarged because they stretched with the growth of your breasts, would the docotor be able to make them smaller to fit the mew breast size? I am 5'5 and 150 lbs. a lot of my extra weight is carried in the breasts. I think I am a good candidate for this surgery, but would like to hear some experiences of others. I just want to lead a normal life where I can exercise without being bogged down by my oversized breasts. Help me out if you can!


:) I too am interested in breast reduction ive struggled for my whole life with at least size 38dd and need to go to a ddd but refuse any weight i gain goes there too im short being only 5'1 and even when im not fat i look like betty boob im glad to hear others have my same worries and questions !! my biggest thing now is money i dont have great credit and work is slow here im a nurse so i understand everything medically but need to find anaffordable surgeon in my area i live in a small town in Ohio . i have some back problems that might make this a nessecity but at this time I have molina health care I dont think they will pay for this? does anyone know anything to help me too??? :idea: