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Hello. I’m a 30 years old and very strong and healthy woman.
Because my mother died from a uterine cancer, I doctors advised me to take regularly Pap test every six months.
So I began with my tests. Everything seamed to be going well ‘till my last test. Last Pap test showed that I have something called Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia grade II and doctors used term CIN II.
They didn’t say what it is, but they are clearly wanted me to understand that this is a very serious condition and they scheduled me for some careful observation next week.
I’m a bit frightened because I’ve never heard of such disease and they’ve been acting a bit strange.
Could anybody give me more informations about this condition?


Hi. My sister has been diagnosed with that disease. I can only tell you that this is a very serious disease.
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) is a precancerous condition of the uterine cervix.
This disorder is the abnormal growth of the epithelial tissue on the surface of the cervix. It can be of three stages: CIN I – mild, CIN II – moderate to marked, and CIN III – severe to carcinoma in-situ (cancer localized to the intraepithelial tissue).
Like I understood it-it means that you’re suffering from a possible stage of cancer and it is the only question of time before your neoplasia become cancer. You’ve been very lucky to get those Pap tests regularly. You have nothing to fear now because it is discovered in time. The treatment for CIN is local excision (cone biopsy, loop electrosurgical resection) or ablation of the abnormal tissue using one of numerous techniques such as laser or cryotherapy (freezing).
Have a good luck!