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Hey! I am interested in switching over to natural / organic diet as my doctor says that I should as soon as I can. I am looking for affordable natural or organic food to cure myself as I do not have too much money. Someone please help me out! Thanks!


Hello Justin,

For some reason a lot of people think that eating organic is expensive.  For the most part it isn't.  Some grocery stores charge steep prices for their fruits and veggies that are organic, true.  However, if you have a local organic produce stand, I think you'll find they are much cheaper and in fact the product may be considerably cheaper than nonorganic.  Usually the leafy greens are inexpensive so stock up on those.  They can be eaten raw like in a salad and steamed if you want something cooked.  Most of them can be mixed together.  You may be able to buy organic meats over the internet and have it shipped to your door.  The fact that the meat is organic means you can eat less of it because it contains by far more nutrition than nonorganic meat.  True organic eggs are just incredible and yes they are more expensive but hey you eat 1 at a time.  So, overly they are not.