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I had a small bump on my scrotum for a couple of days. The bump was a little painful and sensitive to touch. It burst yesterday and a discharge of pus and little blood came out. the bump has disappeared there now.

I have no problems during urination or ejaculation. I would like to believe it is folliculitis, is there any method of comfirming this.



Well, you can’t do anything now since the bump has disappeared. However, if this happens again, you should see a dermatologist straight away. Did you squeeze it when it burst or has it happened on its own?

The fact that it burst and that it was filled with blood and puss shows it’s not a big deal. At least I think so, because I often get pimples there. They just appear white on my scrotum. Mine are certainly not folliculitis because I had folliculittis as well, and they differ. Pimples are bigger that folliculitis.

I suppose that the production of sebum by these oil glands is more excessive down there and the moist atmosphere only contributes to both pimples and folliculitis. Try to keep it as clean as possible.

Was this the first time you had it appear on your scrotum? When it burst, could you see a hair? If it makes you worried, see a doc next time it happens, at least you will know what and if you need something to apply to make it go away.