Ok. Ive posted before but no one ever answered me. Im 19 y/o. Ever since february of this year, about 7 times now I have had these bumps show up on my vagina, mostly on the labia majora. or whatever, anyways i usually get only one at a time. My last bumps I got came the day after i shaved. One popped up close to my opening, after i had shaved. Well then about 2 wks later, I shaved again and the very next day another one popped up. can herpes sores pop up just from shaving? They were on me for like a whole month, and i popped one of them, and it would just stay there, then when i shaved again i would irritate it and it would get big again. every time the bumps have popped up on me, when i can finally pop them puss comes out.. Also, while i had those bumps, when i had shaved, the next day i was checking myself and i saw this sore, wasnt a bump, but it was red around these three little cuts, to me it looked like i cut myself with the 3 blade razor i used, then the next day, thre was skin growing over it, and not even a whole day went by before it just cleared up and was gone.. I dont know if it was a cut or not. Im really confused, dont know what these are. could someone help me out?