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I've tried searching around for this, and thus far have found no other examples of this "problem."

Whenever I drink alcohol, any amount (even if it's just a gulp of wine), the inside/end of my urethra gets an irritated/burning sensation. If I keep drinking, I'm pretty sure it goes away, but it's like I can just detect alcohol within less than a minute of drinking it because of this. It's happened EVERY time I drink.

It's not a big problem, but it makes me worry. How can alcohol get from my stomach to my blood to my kidneys and up through my bladder in 30-60 seconds? It sort of makes me worry I have a kidney problem, except there's no other signs that this might be the case, and I'm just deducing that from a wild guess.

Has anyone else felt this? I've read alcohol can cause irritation when it's in urine, but this is before what I've drank should even be fully digested.


Hi I have felt similar sensation when I drink but for me it happens even when I'm eating other food at times I think that its because of the digestive acid