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I used a cucumber (about 6 inches long and 1.5 inches thick) to try to break my hymen. I have done this on multiple occasions. I can slide it about 4.5 inches into my vagina pretty easily. I have no idea if the hymen has been broken, though. I looked at comparison drawings online (intact versus broken hymen) but can't tell by looking at my own vagina and hymen if the hymen has been broken. It's difficult to see. Is there another way to know? I feel like the hymen ought to be broken because the cucumber can go in pretty far without any pain, but I never bled (I know females don't always bleed when their hymens are broken, but because usually they bleed, I figured that would be the case for me.). I don't ride horses or play a lot of sports, so I'm wondering if maybe the hymen hasn't broken, because it hasn't bled? I haven't had sex. Please tell me if you think I've manually broken the hymen and/or other ways in which I can tell other than trying to use a mirror to see.


Lila H,

I was going to suggest using a hand mirror or something similar to check.

If you really want to know, schedule an appointment with your GYN or family doctor for an exam.

Certainly, a cucumber or other object COULD help to tear the hymen, but isn't guarenteed.

The fact that you can experience such penetration with one indicates to me that you probably will have no problem with intercourse.

But your doctor can advise you for certain.