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Hi there,

I was wondering can anyone tell me can exchange diet benefit my overall health? I know that this is basically dietary program for diabetics, but I was hoping that this one really can help and have some benefits on my overall health? I really don't have ah idea about this process, so I was hoping that there is someone who has some experience and answer for this. 

I tried to find something on the internet, but I think that there is no much to find about it. I mean, I did not found almost nothing about it.

Any experience?

Help me with it.




almost every weight loss program can improve some facts of your health. I believe that there are some great benefits. I have to be honest with you, I really don't know a lot of people who had followed this diet program, and people who had some experience with it. A few people with diabetic, but I think it is pretty clear why this diet was helpful to them. I really would help you, but I think that the best way to hear something about this is to consult your doctor. He will tell you is this diet for you, can you follow particularly this diet or you should try with something else.

Good luck, whatever you decide!



Good day everyone,

Yesterday, I was talking about this diet with my babysitter. She is not diabetic, but she has heard a lot of amazing things about this diet. She has heard that exchange diet has a lot of benefits. She started to follow this program, without consulting anyone. Well, that was one big mistake. She was feeling pretty bad, she was dizzy, and anemic. Now, my question is - is it possible that this diet is not OK for everyone, but only for diabetic people? 

It seems a little bit weird for me, because I was reading the list of groceries that you need to eat according to this diet, I was reading menu plan for every meal.

Is it possible that this diet is not good for everyone, or maybe she was feeling this way because she is anemic?

Thank you!