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today I have heard about this exchange diet program. I was searching about it on the internet, and I saw something interesting. I found that doctors recommend exchange diet to diabetes patient? My question is why?

Is that diet really that good?

My mother is totally overweight and she is diabetic as well. So, this diet can be helpful to her? Can she use it without consulting her doctor?

Please, I really would appreciate if you can tell me more, so I can tell her. She really needs a lot of help in this diet area.

Maybe, this is a great diet for her!

Thanks a lot!



If she is that overweight, she needs to consult her doctor before starting any diet. But, if she has diabetes, this might be one and only diet program for her.  This is not a new diet, it is from early 50s and it was created by the American diabetes association I think. I am not sure!

Anyway, they have created the perfect list and this dietary list was called the Exchange lists meal planning. Since then, this diet list was changing a little bit. 

It became one of the best diet program for diabetics, and so far it was successful.

I suggest that you take your mom to the doctor, and he will tell you anything you need to know.

Good luck!