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Hey there

You have told me about anti – estrogenic diet program and foods that I can eat, and that I should avoid. But, I have one more question, and I believe that new topic should be good thing. I don’t want to ask this question in old topic :)

Can you tell me what other benefits, beside weight loss, you can have from Anti – estrogenic diet?

I have heard that there are some pretty cool benefits, but I am not sure what they are.

What do you know? Please, let me know, because this diet program seems amazing for me :)



Hello there,

About this question, Anti – estrogenic diet has some of them. It can improve your body balance, it can help you clean your body from junk food, it can help you change your old habits and start new way of healthy living, and it also can clear your body from all those toxics. You can change your menu forever, this can become your lifestyle.

So, this is just one more thing why this diet program can be good choice for you.

I wish you good luck in this and please, let us know what is going to happen next. 



Hello everyone,

I remember when I was younger, my father was following Anti – estrogenic diet program. I remember that he was talking how this diet is only for guys :) He was talking so much about health benefits of this diet program. He told me that this diet program helps you lower your risk of metabolic disorders, disease and chronic weight gain. It also protects yourself against the estrogenic substances in the products, water, food and in the whole environment.

He was so happy with this diet program. During this whole process, he didn’t have any health problems.

That is good :)



Good day all,

As always, your answers are really helpful. I mean, it those are just some of the benefits in this diet program, I have to say that I will start to follow it tomorrow :) LOL

Now, let’s be serious. This diet is just my kind, I have found so many positive things in it and I really want to try it as well. Those healthy benefits are just one more reason why should I start this diet program.

I will think about it, before I make my choice.

Tnx girls a lot. You are amazing with amazing advice !