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Good day,

I think there is. Actually, I think that you can eat per 1200 calories per day when you are following exchange diet program. So, exchange diet is a calorie restricted diet, and it is designed specifically for diabetics. I don't know can you follow it if you are not diabetic, I am not sure. But, according to some specialists and doctors, people who have diabetic should consume between 1600 to 2000 calories per day. I don't know why.

Only thing that I know that I found that there is a calorie cap, but you should ask someone who knows this diet better.



Hey there,

OK, thanks. I really can't find a lot of things about this diet, it seems like a mission impossible :) I know that having a clear understanding of meal planning and of course, of food exchange lists, it is the main step when you are following some diet. 

But, how exactly people with diabetic count their calories? Is there some different way, or this is practically the same as in every diet process?

So basically, this plan allows you to compare different types of eating. 

Well, that could be really useful. Looking forward to your answers.

Once again, thanks a lot!