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Good day,

well after these holidays, I am sure that I will need to start follow some restrict diet. So, I was searching something on the internet, and I found something about this exchange diet. I was reading, and it seems pretty cool, but then I found out that this one is for diabetes patients. 

So, I was wondering, is exchange diet really for diabetes patients only or can I follow this diet as well? I am not diabetic.

Anyone in here currently follows this diet program?

Can you tell me more about it? Am I allowed to start with this one or should I avoid it and try to find a new one, that is good for me? 

Thank you! 



well, I think that we all going to need some hard diet programs after this holidays :/

I know about this diet, because my mother is following this diet for four years now. Doctor told her that this one is for diabetes patients only, and that patients with diabetes should follow this one. Now, I am not sure, because she did not ask him could I, for example follow it, but I am pretty sure that you can find some other diet that fits to your personality as well. That is my opinion, and I hope that someone in here can tell you more about this.

BTW, this one is a great diet and it is totally healthy.

Enjoy your holidays and don't eat too much :)



Good day,

yes, it is. It is only for diabetes patients. I think that you can use it as well, that this one won't harm you or your health, because it is healthy and OK, but this diet is totally created for patients that has diabetes. 

You can follow this diet if doctor told you that you MUST follow some other, special diet, because the exchange list is based on very simple principles. 

But, if you don't have to follow any special diet, if carb diet is good enough for you, you can try with it.

Do you agree?