I have jus been diagnosed with this sti, and didn't know anything about it, been with my partner for nearly 2 years now and have both been fathful, and had it this whole time, I was pregnant at Christmas and had a miscarage, at 2 months, we have been trying for a year, with that been our only success, I'm worried now its done damage, in a way I'm glad thins all happend or I would have never known, me nor my partner has had any symptoms, he's off t the docs to get tested and I feel discussing an used by an ex, who obv didn't tell me! Can anyone give me some advice, or let me know it will be ok, we really want a baby, and just loosing one at Christmas, now my rutine tests came back with this, I'm devistated! :( help! I'm 23 and my partners 30, anyone had trouble with this? Thanks