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Hello everyone,

First march is a very important date for me :) My little sister is getting married. She is amazing, she is so pretty and I am happy for her. Now, a few months ago, I bought a beautiful purple dress with some silver tinsels. It is really beautiful, long dress.

Now, I have a problem, in the last 3 months I gain some weight. To be precise, I gain nearly 10 kilograms :O and now I can’t fit into this beautiful dress. There is no way that I can lose my pounds for so short time. I was thinking about try body shaper, but my sister told me that she have heard that there are some side effects.

Can you tell me more about this?




I have tried it for one new year party, and I can say that it was really comfortable, for the first two hours :) I have to be honest that I bought this body shaper because I have heard that some celebrities are wearing it.

Later, I wanted to wear it again, but I was reading a little bit about it and my friend told me that this one can damage your nerves, slow your body circulation, and create some gastrointestinal problems. You don’t want that.

So, it can serve you for that day, it’s ok. But please, don’t wear it all the time because those side – effects can be really bad for you.

Good luck! 



I was against diet pills, then I wasn’t because I found out that they can be really helpful. But, I must say that I am totally against body shapers :)

It is not a secret that we do want to look beautiful. I don’t know, maybe I would use it only in the case such as some wedding and something like this, because I am totally against it. But of course, there are a lot of problems that this shaper can cause! First, they can’t do its job, because always can leave your stomach. Second, your digestive tract is also affected. You will not breathe so easy. I want to say that it is not a problem if you wear it for some special occasions, but it is a bad idea to war it daily.