I'm having such a hard time figuring out whether I'm pregnant or not. Here's what happened: May 10-August 02 of this year, I had sex. Multiple times scattered through the period. ALWAYS used condoms. But I'm not on birth control. So it was just the condoms. now since I was so scared I'd get pregnant, I took the morning after pill twice. Once in may, and once around July. Right after, my period came normally, with no problems or weird flow. Last time I ever had sex was August 2. Today is December 14th, and I'm still worried. I took around 10 pregnancy tests. All came out negative, except for one in the middle, showed the slightest plus ever! So I started using digital tests. ALL negative. The problem now is, since September my period has been weird. Comes for shorter cycles sometimes, comes too heavy sometimes, comes too light sometimes. this month, most presently in December, I got an extremely light period. Almost barely there. Was done by the 2nd day. Keep in mind that I was extremely stressed over both exams and whether I'm pregnant or not.. Also, I gained around 20 pounds in 4 months.. Yes, I haven't been watching what I'm eating, but the weight gain is not proportional to the amount I eat and exercise at all! It's so weird. the thing is that I also have hypothyroidism. SO. Do you think I might be pregnant? Or can it just be my thyroid problems or the morning after pills? I've been so terrified :(