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I am a healthy 40+ male that has never smoked, used drugs etc. My weight gain as I get older is increasing, though my caloric intake has decreased. I have had hand tremors, eye lid flutters (not always), my entire life. As I am getting older my hand tremors are getting more severe. At idle (reading for example with no physical activity) my hand tremors are oscillate back and forth about 1/2 to 1 inch at about 4 tremor cycles per second. (Not sure if there is a hand tremor ometer). As I age it does seem my weight gain is in direct proportion to my hand tremor increase.

During activity, cutting grass, working on the boat, anything that involves physical work my hand tremors go off the charts. It looks as though I'm having some sort of a seizure in my hands, arms and eye lids. It gets so bad that my wife has to get water for me and fill the glass half full so I don't spill it everywhere and sometimes have to drink from a straw with the glass sitting on the table. I get butterflies in my stomach and sick to my stomach. It seems that the only thing that calms the spell down greatly is a candy, soda or anything with high sugar content.

The adverse effect of my severe hand shakes from physical activity is I do it less now because of the severity of the after effects. I want to do more and love activity, fixing things, working on my boat, walking etc, but the after effects are so draining and exhausting. It isn't so much from the activity, it is from the spasms the follow.

Also, during my physicals on my EKG's there is always a weird flutter the doctors always notice and attribute it to my hand tremors. Not sure if this is true or if they don't have any other explanation.

Unfortunately when I am upset at work or frustrated it seems that my hand tremors go off the chart as well. It's as though my adrenalin is way way off the charts and I find it terribly hard to control my hands and eye lids.

My mother has had the same issue up to about 5 years ago. However, for her she was always very skinny. She was tested finally by a real doctor instead of the "home town" doctor she had always used. She was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. She was prescribed medication to control it and with in a day her hand tremors vanished and they butterfly effect as well.

What is odd about her situation is she started to gain some weight so she temporarily stopped taking her medication under the advise of her doctor. What happened next was quite interesting. Her hand tremors never came back. In fact she was rock solid steady, this was something she has never had in her entire life up.

I've been tested at least by 3 different doctors and all respond that my thyroid level is "perfect". That my hand tremors are just the way I'm wired. My physical attributes are almost parallel to my mothers. I'm wondering if it is possible that there is something else going on that the standard thyroid test can miss? Could it be possible that my thyroid isn't regulating to my physical activity?

I've read that there are cases where a person can have Hyperthyroidism AND have weight gain because they are over compensating for their condition. Could it be that the doctors I have been seeing are to focused on skin level diagnosis and don't have the time to dig deeper?


Thyroidism does run in families. I have a family full of it.
In my family's case we have both Hyperthyroid (Grave's Disease) and Hypothyroid (hashimoto) together.
It was hard for me to believe that anyone could have both types of thyroid disease until I ended up with it myself!
I was tested many times because of symptoms with negative results. Finally the Grave's Disease went full blown and the blood test showed a positive. Biopsies showed the Hashimotos.
Both are treatable with medication and symptoms such as heart palputations and hand tremors should stop once the proper dosage is met.
Hope this helps you.


I am 22 years old and female. I also believe it runs in families though i cannot tell who might have had it before my mother, but we both have been diagnosed before we turned 25. She has graves disease and they have diagnosed me with hypothyroidism.

Strangely, i have no problems with weight gain. It seems that i actually have a problem keeping any. So its entirely possible for a person to hyperthyroidism and have wieght gain problems, but probably rare.
I have also had hand tremors, and so has she. Tremors are one of the symptoms of thyroid problems.
Also if you want a more in depth quick read, check out the all the thyroid disorders on wikipedia. That web site has a lot of info about the less commonly known disorders such as Hashimoto's Encelopathy.


I have essential hand tremors for about the last 12 months. I also have hypothyroidism because of chemo and/or radiation treatments when I had cancer 14 years ago. I'm taking medication (levothyroxine) so my thyroid levels are made normal. Could the fact that my thyroid doesn't produce properly cause the left hand tremors?