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Good day all,

I am thinking about start extreme fat smash diet program next month – so that is very, very soon :) I heard that this one is really good, pretty healthy and that can help me lose my weight. That is why I don’t care that this diet program can be really extreme. I have heard that this one can help me increase my immune system and fight some diseases. So, I was always skeptical when it comes to this, but that is OK. Now, I was scrolling some posts in here, some earlier posts, and I think that I didn’t find any about my next question – how much fat can you eat daily if you follow extreme fat smash diet?

Please, give me advice.



Hi everyone,

I believe that is allowed to eat fat in the phase 4 of this diet program, called Temple. It is a little bit complicated for me, and I don’t want to make it complicated for you :) Now, this phase is the lifelong fat smash die plan, and you can find a lot of advice on how much and how often you should eat high – fat, high – calorie food, ets. So, I remember that I was talking to one girl a few days ago, and she told me that you can eat up to two fat meals daily :)

I hope that this is helpful.

Have ca nice day



Good day,

Well, that was really quick reply :) Thank you very much. I have to say that I am a little bit skeptical about this diet program, just because those fats, because I just can’t find that diet diary about extreme fat smash diet which my friend left me a few months ago. There was a lot about it, and I am so mad because I just can’t find it.

Thank you for this information, I really hope that your friend has a right about this topic.

I will try to find more information about this.

Have a nice day!