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Hello folks,

My friend Veronica came at my flat yesterday, so happy because she was talking with some extremely cute guy a few hours before that, and he gave her some scripts about Harcombe diet program. Since that moment, she is like obsessed with this diet program, and she wants to follow it.

In that script you really have all about it, but there is one problem – no one can find what can you eat if you follow this diet program?

Is there any list of groceries?

What do you know? Can you share some ingredients or meals with me?

Thank you! 


Good day,

Basically, this is very simple diet program. You can eat three times a week and grab some snack in between those meals. This diet program is all about eating the right food, good food and ditching food. So, I really believe that we all do know what is good food  :D

You have three, I think, main phases of this diet program, and I can say that you can download them from the internet. This is the best solution, because you will not be able to make mistake.

Now, if you really need some menu, please inform me. I would like to help.! 



Hello there,

Basically, every diet program is pretty simple. They all are telling you exactly the same thing – avoid sugar, avoid chocolate, junk and fast food, avoid fried food. I am not sure, but I think that you can eat every healthy groceries, such as chicken or turkey, you can eat a lot of vegetables, and you have to drink a lot of water. If you love coffee or tea, than you should avoid sugar in it. That is the main principle. If someone else knows something different, it would be nice to know. Because, I am not so sure am I saying right type of groceries.





Here is the list of groceries that you can eat. Bacon, eggs, salmon steak, vegetables, light yoghurt, brown rice, rice cereals, tuna, olives, pork chops or lamb, omelet, chicken, black paper, chopped ham, etc. Avoid potatoes and mushrooms. Drink a lot of water.

I do believe that you can find a lot of more groceries that you can eat, but this is for the first hand.

You have two phases that you need to follow. It is not hard at all, it is not confusing.

Try it and tell us how it works.

Have a nice day! Regards! 



Hey there,

I was talking with my friend as well about this issue. She told me that I can eat something that is fired, and she never mentioned that I should skip potatoes and mushrooms? Now, I have to say that I am really confused. She told me that she was consulting with some nutritionist about this issue, about this diet.

Now, I really don’t know what to think about this.

I really believe that you are telling me the true, what should I do, and how to behave while I am on this diet program.

Please, I want to get rid of these doubts :D 



Hi there,

No way! She just couldn’t hear that from the nutritionist such a lie :) I am saying that this is a lie, because every nutritionist will tell you that you need to avoid fried food. It is not healthy at all to eat fried food :)

Just listen to us, because that is the only true :D Maybe we have forgot something, but I don’t know now to tell you that for sure.

All I know is that you need to read and remember our posts :D Eat what we told you to eat, because a lot of us were on this diet program, or we have someone who was on this diet program ;D

Good luck!