Well first of all thank you all for sharing your W.S. I must say that a week ago i would be LOL on most of you guys, but i finnaly realized what is happening to me.
MJ has been my friend for the last 20 years, been smoking in the morning afternoon nights in the job, well everwhere anytime.
Downslide started with panic attacks, first i didnt belive its MJ and i was thinking it my Job that stresed me so much ,anything except MJ.
So what i did is smoke another one when i feelt panic attack, i ended in ER thinking i had a heart attack, ofcourse nothing like that just made fool out of my self.So after i dont know how many panic attacks and anxiety attacks it came to me it must be MJ.
So now im feeling all of the symptoms and im going crazy by the minute, i gave my stash to my wife and its my seconed day without it.
After 20 years of heavy usage i dont know how long will it take, but one is for sure i WILL stop.

Few words for those who dont belive it, wait and see(if u smoke ofcourse).I wouldnt wont my worst enemy to feel what im feeling now.
I have a wonderfull life,money,loving wife,good job,super friends and family,lots and lots of any typ of weed for free(reason why i smoked like a Turk)So W.S. are real and whoever tells you diffrent hes wrong.
Im going day by day and i hope we make it.