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I smoke weed once a month or so. I only started recently and yesterday I had some and I got some weird effects. My vision was like everything was sliding around and I was forgetting pretty much everything every 15 seconds or so. Just details though - I could still remember vaguely what was happening. I always have troubles with my memory when I get high but this is the first time it has been that bad and the first time my vision has gone strange. Is this normal or what? I still enjoyed it and it was just like being high normally, but I figured it would be good to see if anyone thinks the side-effects I was getting are a concern.


dude haha relax it's 100% normal it means you were so high you couldn't even remmenber :P 

Just make sure you dont smoke a lot ( not cus of ur memory but because mental addiction its easy gained if you smoke a lot and by a lot i mean once a day)