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I'm 17 year old boy, with an autism spectrum disorder called Aspergers. Before I started smoking pot my life was perfect. I had it all interests, a great life. Until I met someone who offered  me marijuana.  I said no the first couple of times he asked, but he just wouldn't shut up. So I gave in to peer pressure one summer night after I had just turned 16.

We were right near the sherriffs department behind a school. We found a nice little nook that nobody could see us.

And so he pulled out his pipe and lighter and he put the flame on the mary. And he passed it to me. He explained how to smoke it, and I had no difficulty doing it. So I had a couple of hits, and nothing. Didn't feel any different. So we went back to the nook we found and smoked more and I coughed and choked and my lungs tickled like none other. Then it hit me. It felt awesome. I was in my own little world and I was high as hell. Nothing in the world mattered. I saw lovely pictures, and thought of things I would have never thought of.  I was very happy and euphoric.  I was so high I couldn't even see straight. It was great. He sent me home because he didn't want me to get in trouble he told me he would be at my house at around 11pm but he never showed up. And I was high for about 3 hours and then the effects started to wear off. Back to reality and back to my life. It was fun while it lasted

Then I met another stoner friend, I had $10 so I decided to buy a dime bag. This time it wasn't so great. Maybe I had a little too much for a second timer. I was freaking out. It wasn't pleasent it felt like someone had stuck a bomb in my head and it would explode at any second. It worried me. Everyone else enjoyed their time, while I was stuck in a corner trying to figure out what was going on. And after a while I came down again and I was fine.

But I didn't stop there, I kept finding people who would smoke with me, and the feelings of anxiety went away and morphed into a euphoric high. Until I met another guy who had some dank chronic. It was the bomb. I thought I was having a heart attack but it was my necklace bumping on and off my chest. It was strange, but It wasn't very bad. At first I freaked out, but i just got used to it.

Then every day I got high. Thats when my life started to take the wrong turn. It was like degrading my perfect life, and It kept getting worse and worse. I got a job after school was out, and I worked last summer and I made lots of money. Spent it on a laptop, two cameras, a bike, a bunch of snacks and drinks and of course, I spent the majority of it on weed. I didn't like it anymore but I kept smoking like an id**t. An now it's present day. I feel like c**p evermorning, im gagging and throwing up, I feel anxious, sleepless, and unhappy. I'm trying to quit as best as I can but I learned something. Apparently I have an addictive personality. Shouldn't have tried weed at all. My life used to be perfect, but now it's a nightmare.

If you are addicted, tell me your story of how it all began. Tell me about your first high and what it felt like.

I am eager to hear your stories!


I can say to you that more intelligent and mentally active people are, worse the anxiety effects of marijuana on then. But people who continue smoking high grade with no poblems later freak out one day without any obivious reason. That´s when their body had enough THC stored and to go back is a long way detoxing. While THC and other cannabinoids that are fat soluble stay in your body, it will reacts to your body. And the reactions very from person to person. Other important thing is that you are using high grade, many people don´t have big problems because smoke low or mids.

Try to quit, that´s my advice. Dank weed is really a drug. It makes people insane in a strange way, different than other drugs. Some notice the changes more and freak out, others are living in a dream and just don´t notice like a monter sleeping. I fed the monster for years and when the monster wakes up, i can tell you, it´s hell.

You still have a life, i don´t even get out of my house anymore, lost almost all my friends and my life is a complete emptiness. Forget the herb. The high is a lie.