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I keep having these weird symptoms but I know they can't be a hypo.  I have been diabetic for many years so I know what a hypo feels like so these symptoms I have been having do not seem like hypos to me, espeically since I check my blood sugar and it is fine when I am having these episodes.  They start out with me feeling chilled.  I noticed that I havie been gaining weight as of recently and I feel so tired all the time.  I have noticed my skin is really dry and my nails keep breaking, which I usually have had pretty healthy nails up to this point.  I feel really down and it bothers me. I just cannot get out of the feeling of being in a dark cave.  I feel like I can't remember things like I used to and my brain feels foggy.  I guess what concerns me most is feeling so run down, that  is why I thought I have been running low blood sugars, but that is not the case.  Can anyone help me?  


What it really sounds like is that it could be hypothyroidism, not hypoglycemia.  The symptoms of feeling fatigued, chills, dry skin, brittle nails, and weight gain all point to hypothyroidism.  You will want to go to the doctor and get some blood work done to either rule it out or find that it is indeed hypothyroidism.  When did these symptoms start to occur?  Is there anything that makes them better or worse?  You may need to go on medication for it to supplement the thyroid hormones that are not being produced anymore.  You will feel so much better once you get everything back in balance again.  I hope you are able to find out what you need and start feeling healthy again.