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I am 7 months post op BA and have developed capsular contracture in one breast. I had the open capsulectomy surgery in October and it is back once again.

My Dr. has recommended the following options:

1) Have the capsulectomy surgery again and if unsuccessful switch to a textured implant.

2) Have the implants removed which will not change the appearance of my breast.

Based on the research that I have performed I am now aware that the incision on my left breast resembles a smiley face so this is incorrectly done and should be re-done by my ps.

I am also aware that since I went from a size 36c to a 36DD my breast will look horrible if the implants are removed.

Do I have any other options? I am so dissatisfied with my Dr. and this experience has been a total nightmare for me!


Wow! This sounds exactly like me. I am now trying to decide what to do myself. Had breast augmentation in '99, then the open capsulectomy 1 year later and now am trying to decide what to do. I have been dealing with this for 8 years now. Something has got to be done, but scared on what to do.