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I have a concultation with her on the 21st. for breast augmentation. Can someone who has had the surgury with her please tell me what recovery is like. One girl told me that she had the surgury done with her and had stitches that couldnt get wet for 4 weeks...which would be difficult in the summer. She also said she had to wear an ace bandage around them for a week....and had problems with constipation. Can someone else let me know what their week after and first month were like. Also I want to know what they look like right after...I heard they were hard and stuff? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you so much!


Hi there,

I'm going to have the consultation with her next month regarding breast reduction not augmentation. However I'd like to hear your opinion after first consultation. I've heard only good things about her.

A good friend of mine told me the same about stitches, but I think it's normal process and it cannot heal faster because they use dissolvable stitches made from bio-fibre scheduled for naturally decompossion by the body and don't usually require a follow-up doctor's visit to remove the stitches. But it takes time to dissolve, cca. 2 weeks after OP. The recovery takes up to a month but you can back to work in a week.

Anyways there are also another stories about breast bottoming out after few months with implants, but most of stories was positive to me. I'll try to bring this here so she could talk about her experience. As I know she feels very well and already passed a year after her op. She was size A and now she has C.

There's also a lot of other surgeons in NYC area like Terry L. Hand M.D., Dr Thomas S. Taylor or Fereydoon Mahjouri M.D. all with very good reviews and long experience.

Analyze all of them, talk to them and then decide where to go.

Good luck, and don't forget to let us know how went your consultation with Dr. Mascardo!


Hey girl,

How went your consultation with Dr Mascardo? Did you decide to appoint the date for your BA or did you get away of surgery?

Please share it, we all want to know more about this all-web-talks-about-her lady :-)