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I’m trying to conceive for the first time and I found some really surprising info that cats can cause infertility in women. The thing is, I have 2 cats. That was based on urban legend – like old and single cat lady, but the more I think about it, I’m starting to think there might be some truth to this myth.

I know that cats can carry toxoplasmosis virus, and of course with this infection pregnancy would be risky, but as far as I know only stray or outdoor cats mainly carry the virus. My both cats live indoors, but I do let them out in the garden. So I was wandering if anyone has more reliable info on this matter, or just simply – what do you think – do cats cause infertility?


Hi Molly,

I know of no studies that show a link between a cat allergy and infertility.

Toxoplasmosis is a concern but it is easily managed.  There are several studies that having a cat isn't a signifigant risk.  Kittens are a different story.

It is important to note that you can get toxoplasmosis from other sources besides your cat.  It can come from meats, some milks, or just from handling soil.

You can also be tested to see if you've already been exposed.  If you have, you'll have immunity and the baby is protected.

Don't worry about the cats. 



Hello Molly,

Like Dan said, chances are that the link between cats and infertility is just an urban legend, like you said yourself. Personally, I agree that rumor most likely came from the image of an old, unmarried woman who have cats, as if cats were the reason why they are single and without children.

Still, I'd recommend you to avoid emptying the litter box once you get pregnant - the dust might irritate you and cause allergic reaction.

Wish you all the best,