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What is the fad diet?

Fad diets comprise of various kinds of diets like very low-fat diets, paleo diets, low-carb diets, raw food, vegan & macrobiotic diets, and diets like blood and metabolic type. All of these diets have extremely low calories and thus, they might result in a fast weight loss. But, it might not be helpful for your health. In majority of the cases, it is not about fat loss, but it is in fact water loss. Majority of the fad diets is temporary diet plans and the menus are dull and do not give sufficient nutrition.

Effects of Fad Diets on Health

Fad diets, which promise simple and fast weight loss, occupy eating only one kind of food. It does not give benefits that the balanced diet gives. It is recommended that you take dietary supplements. However, the reality is that the body absorbs lots of supplements if they are taken with the foods that are not permissible in fad diets. And if you stick with fad diets for extended time, you might build up nutritional deficiencies.

Generally, fad diets are boring. After first few days, you might not like these foods and most likely to stop this diet. Lots of fad diets do not allow having enough intakes of vegetables & fruits. Hence, you might develop deficiencies of necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals.


Disagree about Paleo being a fad diet that limits your nutrition intake - the opposite is true. It encourages a lot of fish, veggies, fruit and nuts.