These are the symptoms I am have: I get a rash that are smaller rash like bumps and then gradually becomes big bumps.

They are extremely itchy. I also get swollen hands. Whether it's my hands that swell they are also itchy and very uncomfortable to move/hold anything due to the swelling.

My Doctor gave me "Allegra" which took away the symptoms, but once I stopped taking them, slowly everything returned.

The symptoms seem to come and go within 24 hours, but continuously return affecting either that same or different part of my body. Sometimes it's the rash and the swelling, sometimes it's just the rash, and then sometimes it just the swelling. It occurs with different degrees of intensity. Generally the Swelling affects any area which has had pressure applied to it (ex. My hands will swell if I sit for a while on my chair with my legs crossed and the side of my leg is against the armrest then that will swell, If i sleeo on my Arm, if I wear tight clothes).

 I have tried to identify any particular pattern the allergies I might have, but I am unable to find. I changed my soap, tried different clothes, different detergent, that might be causing the reactions, but nothing has proven to eliminate the symptoms.

It also seems that the more I scratch due to the itching, the worst the reaction becomes. Please help I am desperate and and very convinced with only eating medicines that my dermatologist without knowing the actual reason for the allergy.