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I took a Home Pregnancy yesterday, it was positive. I took another this morning, but wasn't able to pee very much on it, it was negative. The only time I could have gotten pregnant was on 2/25 (which is feasible, my last period started on 2/5) I have had a period since then, but it was 3 weeks late, and heavier then normal. Could I be pregnant, or have had a miscarriage?


There is no need to panic! Those tests can be tricky sometimes and if the first one showed that you are pregnant than you probably are. So third one is charm so try one more time with home pregnancy test. If this one comes out negative as well than you should consult your doctor and do the blood test. My sister was pregnant for the two months when she had find out because four tests that she did all came out negative.


Did you plan to get pregnant or this is something that surprised you? And what do you expect if you are pregnant, boy or girl? I can share with you just one advice. My sister was hoping for a girl and she didn’t want to find out sex of the child so now her baby boy has everything in pink. Don’t make the same mistake. Good luck with everything.