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Hi. My husband and I recently decided to start trying to have a baby. We are in our early 20's, both healthy. We had unprotected sex twice around the time I thought I might be ovulating. The next day, I noticed a change in my cervical mucus (it became clear and stretchy) so I bought an ovulation predictor kit and, sure enough, it said I had an LH we also had sex that night. I have read that a normal, healthy couple has about a 25% chance of conceiving each month. My question is, will the odds of fertilization occuring this month increase for me because I used an ovulaiton predictor kit and timed intercourse before and during ovulation? What do you think the odds are that fertilization will occur this month? Thank you.


Every woman is different so it is hard to answer your questions. You are curious because you would like to have baby right away since you have decided to work on that. You and your husband are in your twenties and both of you are healthy so there should be no problem in staying pregnant right away.


But if that doesn’t happen right away don’t panic and don’t put pressure on yourself because the stress is one of the leading causes which prevents woman who are healthy to stay pregnant.  Just don’t think about it and about the odds. It doesn’t really matter are the chances 25 % or more. If you want to keep track of that then just calculate when your ovulation period is and have sex at that time. But then again I would let the nature to do its job. Remember that woman had children thousands years ago without ovulation kit.