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Hey everyone.


Yesterday I found puppy on the street. I think that he has an owner, because he has his necklace with the name.

His name is Jerry.

He was so disoriented and scared, I barely could come close to him.

I saw that he is scared so I took him to my home – again barely.  


Later when I cleaned him up, I saw that his paw is bleeding. I don’t have a dog and I don’t know how to deal with it.


I will take him to the vet, but I need to know what the best treatment is.


I hope that owners will call me soon :/


Hey there.

You are so noble. It is obviously that this happened because he was alone, maybe he was running from someone.. .You can never tell.

I suggest you to clean the wound. That is the first step that you can do at home.

You can try to make a homemade paste of simple cooking ingredient such as water and flour.

Make a tick paste and apply it to the dog’s paw.

This should stop the bleeding but you need to take this dog to the vet because you don’t know how much he was at the street :/


Good luck!



Hi there.


I don’t know that much about the treatment but I came here just to tell you that I have never heard about this paste :/

Can this really work for bleeding paw?


I remember that I was talking with my vet about this issue and he told me that if I don’t know how to deal or treat it, I should immediately take my dog to him just to clean the wound because of the possible infections.

I think that I would not be able to treat it alone :/

But if this paste works, why not?



Hey, did you find his owners or he is still “your” dog?

I would not treat it alone, especially not with some pastes. I am skeptical when it comes to that.


If you want to clean his paw, you should use some shampoos, sprays and wipes also.

Occasionally antibiotics and meds are required.

Consult people from the pet shop about this, they must to tell you what you can use, which spay to clean the wound.


Don’t even try to clean his bleeding paw with salt water. I have heard that some people are suggesting this, but just think what is going to happen if salt water gets in the contact with bleeding paw.




What is going on with this puppy, have you found his owner yet? He probably ran away and he was probably really scared.


I hope that you went to see the vet.  

There are a couple of advice that you can do at your home.

Try to minimize discomfort and prevent too much bleeding. Try not to panic. Use just water, moisten the tip of the swab and press it on the bleeding part. Hold it for 30 to 40 seconds.

This will stop the bleeding immediately but still you need to find the cause of this bleeding paw.

Maybe it is nothing but also it can be very serious.