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Hello everyone.


I have a little problem with my dog.

Today we were at the dog’s park and we were playing. Suddenly some dog without owner came in the park, and my dog started to chase that dog.


Well, while he was running, he ran at some glass in the park. People told me that some kid broke the bottle there.


I checked the wound immediately and there were no glass in his paw, but his paw is bleeding.

I am taking him to the vet in two hours but I was wondering how to protect his foot pad in those two hours?




Yes, this happens all the time.


I suppose that you already visited the vet. But still I will tell you what to do. Maybe this information will be helpful to other pet owners.

When this happens you need to stay calm. That is the rule number one. Your dog should not see that you are in panic.


You need to make sure that your dog’s leg is not in the contact with something that can infect his paw.

If you have some paper tissue it is very important to press it on the wound or even better - rip the sleeve of your shirt and put it on your dog’s foot pad. 



Hey there.


I am really sorry about this. It’ been a day or two and I really hope that you could heal it just a little bit.

It is very important to know can your dog walk in this situation. Because if he can, you can bend his leg with some gaze or shirt, just like DS991 told you.


But I think that you should put your dog in the car and go straight to the vet.  I think that it is very dangerous for him to walk when his foot pad is bleeding.

He can caught some infection from grass, dust, sand. I don’t know.

In my opinion your dog should not walk. At all.



Hello. Other people in here gave you good advice. I have to say that I totally agree with them. Just in my opinion, I would not move dog. It doesn’t matter is this wound deep or surface wound. The worst thing in this case is that this bleeding paw can got very infected through the blood. First thing that you need to do is to protect his paw, especially if the wound is open. You cannot let that his bleeding paw gets into contact with some foreign subjects, something from the nature such as wood, leaves, nails, etc. Than you need to visit the vet.



Good day good people…

Yes, it is probably the best to take him to the vet immediately. If you can’t see your vet for some reason, take your dog home. Clean the wound. Look for some foreign objects such as glass, metal, nails. If you can see something use tweezers to remove it. Clean his foot pad with cool water. If you have bacterial soap use it to disinfect the wound on this foot pad.
If you can’t stop the bleeding you should apply pressure to the wound with towel. It must be clean. This will stop the bleeding.
Apply the bandage on the wound.