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I am married one year ago, but dont know why i didnt accepting my hubby. I always saw the dreams of other boys, actually like my dream boy will come one day and take away me from here. Why am think like this whats wrong with me?


first answer these simple questions, why did i get married, was i ready, do i love him with all my heart, is he my everything ,do we fitt, was i pushed to get married, do you come first in his life, do you share common interest, is he you knite and shinning armor, take you away from were, do you feel your stuck in that town, you need to share the true question, what will people think if i made the wrong choice, maybe this is your life not your friends , moms, dads sister no matter the case, no house nor money will fill that void you feel, only rigorous honesty and the will to change what you need to change, if your feeling this way and its your one year anni. something in you is missing ,marriage is us , not you serving him or him serving you, its a union of two people that come to a point they want to become one thru marriage celebrating their new life with mim,dad, friends loved one, ask your self this, are we ok alone together just the two of us,or do we need friends to be comfortable