I went to the doctor today for an U/S. I didn't expect that there would be a heartbeat because I am only 7 weeks and thought that would be too early. The U/S doctor did it and said I was 7 weeks but had no heartbeat and therefore i had miscarried. The P/A then did an internal U/S and could not see much of anything, could not even take measurements.  I was sent to an MRI place immediately for more accurate U/S. There they said I only measured just 6 weeks today and that it seemed to be too early, that they would send everything to the doctor and I should come back in a week for new measurements. I am extremely irregular and was on Metformin to regulate me before taking the clomid. But I never took the Clomid, i became pregnant.  My spouse lives in VT and I live in NY for now so we only see one another on school holidays. Because I am irregular, we were all going by the last time we had sex. The Dr. at the MRI place said that that is not accurate because it could have taken up to two weeks for fertilization and implantation. I am so confused. I want to be hopeful but I don't know what to feel. Has anyone been through anything similar?