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Well I have been reading everyone's stories for awhile and decided to share mine, in the hopes that it can give someone else hope, or allow them to relate in someway.

I am 27 years old and I've been drinking pretty regularly for about 3-4 years. Honestly over the past 2 years it's almost been an every night thing. It started out as just a few shots to relax, and graduated to about a pint each night, either vodka or brandy or whatever. It because as much habit as anything, I wouldn't think twice about going to the liquor store after work.

In the past my drinking had cost me two jobs. (calling off, coming in late due to hangovers.) Then about a month or two ago I started to feel as bad 24 hours after drinking as I would with the hangover the next morning. That led me to research about withdrawal symptoms and ultimately here.

Suddenly I would begin to have panic attacks during classes (night class). It was obvious that as the alcohol left my body anxiety, etc would follow. This is the point I knew something had to change. Last week I went probably the longest period without alcohol in years, even tho it was only 3 days. Followed by one night of drinking, then 3 more without.

Of course my new found confidence didn't last long. Last Friday, since it appeared I could all the sudden control when I drank, I figured what the hell what's one night of drinking ? Well then Saturday night rolled more night. By Tuesday night I was drinking just to make the withdrawal symptoms go away again. I'm beginning to realize it is all or nothing for me.

So now I'm back to day one of soberness. I feel like garbage, anxious as hell, haven't ate a thing all day. I've confided in my best friend and mother, as I don't think I can do it alone. The alcohol has taken its toll on me physically and mentally and I simply don't want to live like this anymore.

The short term answer to those God awful withdrawal symptoms is to drink more, but you're putting off the inevitable. I've had to stay the night at my mom's before (and may do so tonight) just because I can't 100% trust myself alone. Willpower, at least for me, is not enough.

I wish every single one of you the best of luck. If you're reading these posts chances are you recognize that there is a problem. That is a step in itself. God bless


i know exactly what you mean and i know its hard to deal with alone, and trying to explain how you feel to someone whos never had a panic attack is pretty much a waste of time,im a male 22 and im now just tryin to find ways to cope and ive suffered from this panic disorder for about 5 years. and that first year or so i had no idea what they were and i got them after smoking pot and they were short and somewhat mild well mild compared to the ones i get now, so after a while i figured out what they were and quit smoking but then about three years ago they would start the day after drinking, ill be cool for the first hour or two im awake but then i get really intense attacks with insane symptons like shortness of breath, dizzyness, hallucinations (spots mostly) sweaty clamy hands, cold sweats and i felt i had to constantly shake my leg, sometimes if my stomach isnt to messed up and i have alcohol in the house ill just start drinking again but i know its just masking the problem and the next days attacks would just be that much worse. ive never been to the doctor so its always in my had that im not even really sure whats wrong with me and that in turn makes the attack worse but i have no insurance and the docs aint cheap. i find this site and your guys stories comforting dont get me wrong i wouldnt wish these things on my worst enemy but its cool knowing im not alone and there are still people out there willing to help strangers with advise or just support. i hope we can all beat these things and start taking are lives back im not a expert or anything but if anyone needs advise or something email me at

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My husband is 60 years old, he started drinking when he was 14. He became an alcoholic and continued this downward spiral for years. He lost his business, he went thru 3 wives, he was unable to father a child, he spent several stints in jail for DWI,he lost his home and lived in a garage, fell down a million times and has the scars to prove it, stitches, concusions,black outs, you name it.
Scott Norwood missed the field goal, super bowl sunday, 17 years ago. My husband has not touched a drop of booze since that day.
He went cold turkey and wished he was dead. The withdrawls were tremendous and he suffered terrible pain.
Today, he owns his business again, married me, #4, (yikes) still no bio kids, my 5 are enough, drives, has a cdl,and we own a beautiful home in the country. His habits are sweets, due to the alcohol and when he sweats, i swear i can smell booze. Doctor says he's fine, so i don't know.
So there is hope, as he drank himself silly for many many years. We have booze in the house at all times as many of our friends partake, and i may tip a bud every now and then, but it never bothers him. He goes to his old haunts where he used to do some serious throwing back, they have Genny NA for him.
It has affected his looks, as it aged him pretty bad. But he is somewhat healthy and dry, that's the best part.