I'm 14 years old and lately i have been getting these really bad headaches and they are constantly coming. I can't quite remember when they first started coming. But the past 2 weeks, i think, is when they have been becoming pretty bad. The pain is usually at the back of my head and it radiates to the bottom of head right above my neck.

At first I thought they were from stress, but it's summer vacation so i don't have ANYTHING to stress about. I always did volleyball at school, so i thought it was just from not being as active as i was during the school year. But i still got them during or after working out.

When these headaches come, it seems like my breathing is effected. It's difficult to explain. It's like it's a little bit harder to breathe and my chest is kind of heavy. When i tell my mom that i get constant headaches, I don't think she understand how bad the pain actually is for me.

Does anyone know why i might be getting these headaches all the time?