Hello doc. I am suffering my right bottom eye twitching since nov 2008 bt I thought it's common so I neglect but since beginning of 2011 it's get more worst, because of that now my top eye lid from inner corner it's twitching too , & it's notisable other people can see that , & because of that I can not consantrat in my talk , I hv to finish my talk fast or it's just take me away from my topic, & I feel like I m loosing my confidence too. & now last 4 month when I close my eye then I feel like my face is moving on right side also, so I went to the doctor & I saw him all my picture ( my face move too) (& nw my right side eye from top that muscles coming down so my right eye look little small then left) & he decide to give me Botox, so I look for my good future so he did Botox for me on my eyelid on top & bottom but I don't feel any difference. So please... Doc help me out of this because of this I don't talk to anybody & I feel I m loosing my confidence. I m waiting for your reply on my mail please help me.