I've has this happen a few times in my drinking career. Usually it's 24hrs and the pain only comes from eating. Well this time the pain is constant. Sore mouth, burning throat, headache, and of course no sleep. I'm on day 4. The relief comes and goes. I've probably are my weight in ice too keep my throat and mouth numb. I bought milk of mag which was a waste. I've been eating 500mg Tylenol and keeping my mouth as clean as possible. Mouth wash and salt water rinse. I didn't try baking soda or throat spray.... That may be worth a shot. Seems like it's just gonna have to heal and run it's corse. I guess I'd recommend anything that can help you sleep because that's my biggest issue besides the pain. I've only been able to sleep 2 hrs here and there, if I'm lucky..  Cough drops and raw honey just because I guess. The truth is nothing helped me so far.