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I always pee a lot because I drink so much water but lately I've been having the urge to pee a lot and when I do, barely anything comes out. People say that with a UTI it usually burns when you pee but I don't think its a burning feeling. It feels more like the feeling I get when I get turned on but more intense (sorry for being so graphic). I don't know if that is considered as a "burning" sensation. Please let me know what you think!


Hi Emily,

The Top Reasons for Urinary Problems in Women

1. Uniary tract infection -you might notice a loss of bladder control as well as stinging and burning during urination. since u do not have any pain it might not be UTI

2. Many women who are dealing with other menopausal symptoms will also feel the increased need to urinate, and a high need to urinate frequently throughout the night.

3. In some cases genetics are a big contributing factor to a woman’s predisposition to an unhealthy bladder.

I advice you visit the doctor before taking any supplements.