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Hello, for the past few weeks I have only been able to go to the bathroom once every three or four days. Around a couple of months ago I think I noticed that I couldn't go as often as I used to, but now I have to wait three days consistently, and there is a cramping type of pain when I can go. It is not hard or lumpy, and I do get a lot out when I can.

I am seventeen years old and, I don't know if this is related, I started trying to lose weight three months ago by changing my diet and exercising a lot more. I have lost around twenty five pounds now.

Is this diet or weight loss related? If it is, when will I be regular again? Is it a matter of time before this problem will be solved or should I seek some type of treatment? I would greatly appreciate any advice at all.


It is probably a result of changing your diet. You must eat a lot of ruffage, that makes you poop regularly. Lettuce, other types of greens and salads help a lot. Buy some bran cereal, like maybe raisin bran, eat bran muffins and drink a lot of water. Stay away from constipating products like cheese and sometimes dairy. Eat a lot of legumes (beans) any kind like pork and beans, you can eat these straight out of the can, yum. But you may have some stinky gas. Try some METAMUCIL, it is flavorless and comes in a powder form which you can mix right into a drink like coffee or water. It also comes in tablets that you chew, they are the size of a nickel.