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Yesterday I coughed two times and out came a very small bit of blood in my mucus. After the 3rd cough, it was gone.

I have had excessive mucus for about 4 months now, and now this...I smoke but not that much, less than a pack a week. I have smoked this way for 2 years and never had this problem. I also have recently aquired allergies about 4 months ago as well that make me sneeze violently, and stuff up my nose. Occasionally now (during the night usually) I will cough up tiny clear gel like mucus.

I am so confused at why this happened all of the sudden? I know smoking is a factor, but I feel like there is something else that is causing this...



Hi callilily,

It is possible that the way you are smoking isn’t big factor in all this but since you have discovered you have troubles with allergies it would be best for you to stop. Since you are not passionate smoker it should be easier for you to stop than for someone who is smoking pack a day. My best friend recently has stopped with this bad habit and she was smoking for 20 years. Can you imagine that?

She was using nicotine patches and she hasn’t smoke even one cigarette! She didn’t even took one smoke. So it would be best for you to start with giving up smoking and taking care of your health a little bit better.