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I have been having sex with my boyfriend awhile. unprotected because im on birth control but I've missed a couple days tried to make up for it and this month I've been experiencing weird symptoms. I had my period, heavy period the beginning of this month and its now the 23rd of feb. I've had sore breast, Cramps with no period, and chalky white discharge. Also have been very tired. Idk maybe im just freaking out but idk I took a pregnacy test 2 days ago and it came out negative. im expecting my next period the first or second week of next month. im really scared.:'(


Hi, I am having the same issue only I am not currently taking BC but my BF and I use condoms faithfully. Here it is March and my cycle still hasn’t come on yet. I have never been this late before. I am still going to wait it out another week before I take a pregnancy test. I was thinking that since Feb was a short month it could cause my cycle to seem a little late.