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i am having cramps for the past few days during my early pregnacy, its like period pain, i am around 6 weeks pregnant and i have very worried that i am going to have a miscarriage or not, because 3 months ago, i had a miscarriage, i am very scared that i will have one too again. i think i had my miscarriage because my body is never in good health, i always have constipation, and 1 and 1/2 year ago, i was pregnant for 5 months and i had an abortion, is it thats why i keep of having miscarriage and what is the cramps now? is it a miscarrage again? or is it just an implantion for my baby?


If you are 6 weeks pregnant, implantation period is long gone. However, the cramps you are feeling could be due to uterus expansion and growth.

How did your previous miscarriage look like? Did you feel anything or just noticed blood on your panties? You may follow some of the signs you experienced before. You didn’t have any other symptoms following crampings?

The abdominal pain and cramping alone are rarely serious. There may be a lot of stress on the muscles, ligaments, etc in your insides, so some discomfort should be expected.

Here are some of the serious causes of crampings. It could be ectopic pregnancy which means that the fertilized egg has implanted elsewhere instead of your uterus. The cramping felt usually starts on one side and then spreads all over the abdomen. It is usually followed by pain and tenderness. It occurs in first trimester.

Early miscarriage usually includes cramping with bleeding with pain in the lower abdomen. It could occur anywhere between the first and 12th week due to improper fetus development.

Considering you already had one miscarriage, you should report this to your gyn and ask if it is possible to determine possible causes and to see if there was anything you could do about preventing any further miscarriages!