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I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it is bad enough that I have to go on insulin.  I have been having illnesses and poor healing wounds for a long time but just ignored it, plus with no insurance I just didn't want to have a doctor bill to have to worry about paying off with little money to be able to do so.  I am on limited funds where I just take care of an elderly lady and make about $240 a month, and I get a little for food stamps.  I don't qualify for medicaid since I am without kids.  I did have to go to the dr because I had some passing out spells, one in which I was sent to the emergency room so that is how I got diagnosed with diabetes.  I have a prescription for insulin but I cannot afford it.  I got a meter from the clinic with a few test strips but after I use the test strips up , I won't get anymore since they are expensive too.  So how does everyone else take care of their diabetes without insulin?


Hello, Guest... I am sorry that you are having a time with your medical issues and having the money to pay for the bills.  You should approach your local public health clinic or county welfare office to see about programs that can help you.  It is unsafe for you to not have the means to have the insulin and other medications you need to control your blood sugars.  Hopefully, you will get the help you need soon.

Are there any other suggestions for this poster as far as getting the meds he needs?  Do you know of any programs that address this problem of people not having money for insulin?