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My colleague from work, Yassmin, is convinced that I know a lot about every diet program at this world. Now, to cut long story short, she needs to go to the business trip in Geneva, and she wants to lose her pounds. She knows  that Hamptons diet program is a little bit strict, and she likes it.  She has some books, she has some great and pretty much delicious recipes, but she really doesn’t know what foods she needs to avoid. I want to help her, but I am not sure as well what she needs to avoid. So, I came here, once again, because I am sure that you can help me.Do you know what foods are forbidden in this diet process? 


Of course that this diet program works, but you should know at the beginning that Hamptons diet is really expensive to follow. At least, for me. The Hamptons diet program eliminates unhealthy good that your body does not metabolize well, and that are some vegetables, fish, lean, meat, nuts, whole grains and low – sugar food. This diet program provides real food, that is not unprocessed and it is mostly organic. I had a book before, but now I really don’t know where it is. In this book you can find a tons of really amazing information.

Have a nice day!