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I am a 27 year old white female, two years ago I developed dark patches of skin on my face, above my lip (its looks like a moustache, not a good look on a girl) and on my forehead. It looks a bit like a birth mark and gets deeper in colour when I have been in the sunlight.
The doctor prescribed me with a cream called Dactarin, which is used for fungal infections. I had to use this twice a day for one year. One year down the line and it still hasn't gone, I am going on holiday in two weeks and am dreading it, does anyone have any suggestions??


Hello..I am 39 & have had the same problem as well for the past 3 years. Alway have your face creams with SPF, St. Ives has a warming microdermal ebrasion face scrub which is lightens the blemishes. I just found something new which help with my mother's blemishes completely; it is called
COMPANA-can find in a Mexican store..please only where at night & wash off in the morning. I just found this info on line: do this for next 15 days...watermelon juice leave on 15min, coconut water leave on 15 min and coconut oli apply before bedtime and wash off in the morning.

good luck.. let me know how it goes.