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I went off of Suboxone once (18mg to nothing) I was very sick for 2 weeks, my friend finally took me to an urgent care and they gave me vicodin and I got back on the subs. Obviously my Dr loves Suboxone, Im in AA but am not feeling like I will get the promises until I am off of this drug! I am so afraid from those 2 weeks of feeling like I had the 24 hr flu, and it never got better! I am about to force myself to exercise ( I used to love exercising, and I used to love to go places and meet new people- not so anymore, I went through hell to get a Vet Tech license while slowly withdrawing from life on this stuff). I am very much ready to be free of this life of Dr apts and $250 a month to get the subs. I have been treated very horribly by pharmacists, who didnt understand withdrawal and couldnt understand why I couldnt just stop taking it. Because of trauma in my past and an anxiety disorder I was denied rapid detox at the weissman place. I have had hope until they said I was to much of a risk for the treatment, I just want my life back! I would welcome any advice, I dont trust my D to really help at all. He told me my symptoms should not have lasted the full 2 weeks, and etc.

Thanks! Hope the lady with the kids has gotten her energy back! I have a cat and 3 ferrets who I have no energy to play with, I lay on the couch and they come to me to get cuddles and attention. I find being on the suboxin exhausting, my Dr gave me ADD meds to try and help and all I got was seizures and now have a nuerologist abnd not alot of hope to feel better until off of the subs.


Rapid detox does not work for suboxone. I have done it and it ws hell, I was in PAWS for 2 months, HARDCOREEEEE PAWS..So I relapsed back on suboxone..I was only on 0.3mg yet did rapid detox yet still suffered, I was on it then for 7 months, so I cannot imagaine at all it would do anything for you, it wont I promise you.


Youve been on it for long time on high doses, I fear for you.