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I am going to be 21 in July and was diagnosed with PCOS last year. My husband and i are going on our three year anny in September and we started using clomid July last year when i was DX. but i had to stop taking it right away because i could afford it. Now here it is 10 months later and Thursday morning like 12a i went pee and came back to watch tv but when i sat down it felt like a water balloon had popped in my stomach and i instantly had to pee again. and ever since then i have been feeling like there are butterflies in my stomach and had random cramps all over like they are not centralized. And i get nauseous really fast and hard but haven't thrown up.

Could I be pregnant? um here are some other factors that make me really unsure.

1. I had gallbladder surgery Dec 1st 2008 - repercussions?
2. No other symptoms little moody
3. I am overweight
4. I recently started swimming in the last six months and working out on my wii fit.
5. I am tired alot lately.

SO verdicts? ?


When was your last period?


the very end of March. but before that i hadnt had one for like 8 months because of my PCOS. (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and it wasnt so much a period but temp bleeding when every it felt like it for a few days. mostly during the day when i was moving around alot.